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Outsourcing Governance & Risk Management

You would like to clarify strategic questions, including which processes and systems are basically suitable for outsourcing or insourcing, how you can optimise your product strategy or which locations have a high strategic relevance.

Focusing your company and your IT organisation on the actual core competencies has considerable cost-saving and optimisation potential. These include, for example, improved knowledge transfer, secured access to best practices, increased flexibility and optimised scalability as well as a faster reaction to changes.

Identifying and implementing the optimal measures for your company is an increasing challenge against the backdrop of the growing range of service providers in different countries with diverging legal bases and rising customer expectations.

We support you from the identification of services and processes that are suitable for sourcing/offshoring, through the identification of the optimal service provider for your purposes, the negotiation of conditions and contracts, the transition to secure operation and the establishment of effective outsourcing governance, service management and outsourcing risk management.

In addition to the relevant experience in banking and insurance processes and systems, we offer an excellent understanding of regulatory requirements and practicable implementation alternatives as well as risk management methods and tools. Our eyes are always focused on what is essential and feasible!


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