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Project Governance & Steering

In our long-standing company history, we have reviewed over 400 projects to assess the maturity of project management, governance, and organization. We support you in quickly identifying and adjusting the key levers and in establishing adequate and effective project governance together with project leadership and stakeholders, ensuring roles are understood and core responsibilities are fulfilled.

As another essential success factor, we prioritize effective project risk management to ensure the success of your endeavors within planned timelines and budgeted costs.

Gov & Steer

Maturity Assessment

We apply our extensive experience to assess the maturity level of your project management together with you and identify the crucial levers. This ensures that your project proceeds safely and successfully.

The assessment of project management maturity is based on various criteria such as accuracy of planning, risk management, resource management, and communication. A high level of maturity is characterized by precise planning, proactive risk management, efficient resource utilization, and transparent and audience-appropriate communication for efficient decision-making. Pragmatica often employs well-tested interview and analysis concepts to quickly and accurately determine the important and urgent action points.

Project Steering & Assurance

We ensure that your project management operates effectively.

We assist you in ensuring that the understanding of the various roles and responsibilities in project management is clear and effectively executed. In doing so, we work with you to establish key prerequisites, including ensuring that adequate and sufficient information is provided to those responsible in project management in a timely manner.

For the sustainable success of your project, we also offer to take responsibility for effective project assurance as part of the management. We have fulfilled this function in a variety of small and large engagements, continuously refining and testing our approach and methods.

Project Risk Management

We establish effective risk management with you as part of the management responsibility.

Project risk management is a crucial component of project management, aiming to identify, assess, control, and monitor potential risks to ensure that a project successfully achieves its objectives.

It is essential that the management stakeholders receive sufficient information and effectively fulfill their management responsibilities, including early risk detection, risk assessment, planning and implementation of risk response measures, and monitoring the success of implemented actions. Pragmatica has extensive expertise to sharpen awareness of this aspect and possesses industry-specific knowledge of methods, processes, and tools to effectively embed these critical tasks in management.


Establishing adequate project governance and effective control is crucial for the success of a project. It is important to establish structures and clear rules to ensure that the project is efficiently and effectively guided to success. Among other things, we support you with:


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