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Project Setup & Execution

With all our experience from countless successfully completed projects, we can help you set up agile delivery teams or classic projects. And we support you in the implementation and execution across all disciplines to ensure that your projects lead to great success.

Setup & Exe

Projekt Charter

We create or validate the project charger together with you. This ensures that everyone involved has a common and precise understanding of the project and reduces scope creep, uncertainties and ambiguity. The project charter will be discussed and validated with the project sponsor and all relevant stakeholders.

Project Management Framework

We work with you to define and establish an effective project management framework. We take into account the specific influencing factors (e.g. dependence on special know-how, IT solutions, external providers, regulations), the specific nature of the project, relevant strategic decisions and priorities as well as technical, personnel and organizational conditions.

Project Planning & Roadmap

Based on the project charter, the available resources & skills as well as milestones, risks and dependencies, we ensure that the project plan & roadmap enables effective monitoring and management (time, budget, quality). For agile organizations, we additionally use the results of PI planning and take into account org. standards (e.g. sprint intervals).

Skills & Ressources

We ensure that existing capacities, skills, experience and motivation of the team members optimally support the achievement of the project goals. We also make sure that resource planning is reviewed on a regular basis so that bottlenecks and skill gaps are identified early enough before they lead to additional costs/time.

Project Management & Delivery Management

We provide you with ad-interim key resources in the project. Our project and program managers (classic projects) or product owners or scrum masters (agile organizations) have at least five years of relevant, practical experience. They are continuously trained in methodology and tools with the help of our Pragmatica Competence Center ©.

Enablement, Training & Coaching

We train and coach your project managers and executives as required. We review the existing experience and skills in the project team and provide you with individual proposals to close identified gaps as cost-effectively and sustainably as possible: Know-How TransFairs, Coaching and Training.

Project Controlling

We guarantee effective and comprehensive project controlling by showing you best practices and recommendations, including existing controlling frameworks, parameters, processes and responsibilities. In this way, we ensure effective monitoring of project progress, costs, quality and the resources used to lead your project to success.

Project Risk Management

We help you to establish effective risk management. Along the project risk management process, we review and supplement the necessary components with you so that sufficient early risk identification, assessment and management (response) is carried out in accordance with the defined risk appetite and does not lead to unwanted high risk costs, loss of quality and delays.

In addition to the setup & execution of your projects, we also support you in the Project Management Office (PMO) with the following services...

Setup of a PMO

Thanks to a robust framework and effective processes, we ensure the success of your projects against unexpected costs, bottle necks, risks and dependencies. We focus on designing the PMO core disciplines from stakeholder management, delivery & quality management, financial and partner management to risk management and communication with a sense of proportion.

Operation of your project/program PMO

We operate your project or program PMO and take responsibility with our experienced senior PMOs for the fulfillment of your PMO's assignment. We always act as an integral part of your organization, quickly familiarize ourselves with it and continuously reflect with you to ensure continuous improvement.

Training & Coaching of your PMOs

We train and coach your PMO managers as required and develop a tailor-made training and coaching concept that is precisely tailored to your individual situation and needs - including for PMO work in agile organizations. This ensures that your PMO(s) can build on proven best practices and thus contribute optimally to the success of your project.


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