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Regulatory Compliance, Operational Risk Management & Internal Control Systems

With increasing regulatory density and a growing awareness of reputational damage, operational risk management and project risk management are becoming more and more important.

We are happy to help you identify and classify strategic and operational risks from new business models and take appropriate measures. Current topics such as digitalisation, outsourcing, cyber risks, etc. constantly place new demands on risk management systems.

We support you both in setting up and adapting structures and systems by simplifying, integrating and increasing effectiveness and efficiency.

Increasingly complex and rapidly changing framework conditions require a higher awareness of risk management as well as a distinctive risk culture among employees, company management and the board of directors. To this end, we offer training and coaching specifically adapted to your needs. Our many years of expertise in the service area of ‘Programme, Project & Transformation Management’ enable us to take a combined view, establish a pragmatic, effective and proven project risk management approach and train and empower those responsible. We can ensure that project risk management becomes a powerful tool for project leadership and governance in your organisation to guarantee project success.


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