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Business Transformation & Change Management

Is your organisation undergoing change? Would you like to empower your organisation to master change? Or are you perhaps faced with the situation that a project in your company was not successful – and you have realised that profound changes in your organisation are also required for success?

Are you looking for an experienced partnership that supports and accompanies you in your transformation and change projects?

We empower your team to tackle the challenges together!

We have experts at our disposal who will help shape every change phase with you from the very beginning and thus create the optimal framework conditions.

Selected references

Success Stories

Post-merger integration of two European stock exchanges

Establish management framework and programme planning as well as validation of synergy potentials and determination of the TOM for the business integration of two European stock exchanges.

  • Define and establish the project management framework incl. planning, procurement, risk management, reporting, decision making etc.
  • Creation of a comprehensive Transformation Runbook (TRB)
  • Validation of synergy potentials (cost reduction, growth etc.)
  • Determination of the target operating model by means of capability modelling and implementation planning (TOM stages)

Transformation Programme Swiss Bank

Establishment and operation of a programme PMO for a comprehensive, international transformation programme.

  • Business areas: Asia, asset management and advisory, channels, partners, other projects
  • Reporting at programme level to ExB, BoD, FINMA
  • Meeting coordination, task management, risk management, alignment and dependency management, SharePoint, ad-hoc requests within the programme.

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