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Professionalisation of Project Management & Governance

You want to be sure that the project approach and governance practised in your company still meet today’s requirements for flexibility, transparency and efficiency. We assess the project approach and governance in your company against modern and recognised best practices. This gives you a clear view of the strengths and weaknesses and provides you with concrete, tried and tested suggestions for improvement.

  • Establishment of effective project governance (ownership, methods and tools for control) for business units managed either conventionally or in an agile manner
  • Ensuring a robust planning and roadmap as well as transparent monitoring
  • Professionalisation of effective project risk management for early detection and mitigation of expected risks
  • Support in the introduction of optimised project procedures and governance
  • Training & coaching of your employees as required

Why Pragmatica? We have supported a large number of companies in professionalising their project management and governance. From a multitude of assessments and project governance improvements, we have gained an excellent understanding of the factors of governance that promise success, but also those that hinder it. You benefit from our broad range of experience in successful approaches and methods, which we adapt specifically to the client’s needs in order to optimise the benefit/effort ratio.

Selected references

Success Stories

Project Management Professionalisation Swiss Bank

Further development and professionalisation of the project management method.

  • Further develop and professionalise the PM method and the associated tools and templates.
  • At the same time, project governance had to be adapted to a changed organisational structure with new and reassigned roles and responsibilities.
  • In addition, the range of services offered by the central PMO has been expanded with offers for effective support of projects in the start-up phase.

PM Toolbox and Project Procedure Swiss Startup

Establish a project management framework – professional project management framework thanks to appropriate project governance

  • Assessment of the existing project governance
  • Adapting the project approach method to the client’s needs and creating a PM toolbox with all the necessary templates
  • Establish a central project management office (PMO) for the implementation of the standardised project procedure and project controlling

Project Management Framework Swiss Bank

Introduction of IT project governance – project success thanks to structured and controllable procedure.

  • Definition and development of a general IT project management framework
  • Implement project guidelines, processes, project portfolio reporting, training and a support centre.
  • Develop and implement a management tool

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