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Banking lived digitally - for banks and customers

We support our customers with our expertise within our six areas of competence in selected and current topics.

With our innovative solutions for processes, products and services, we ensure that customer needs – such as an excellent and always available offer – are covered in the same way as the perspective of banks with a focus on sales, customer satisfaction and efficient system landscapes.

Multi Experience & Channel Control

Cross-channel customer guidance (inbound and outbound mgmt.) along the client journey for a seamless, transparent processing of requests and orders

Self-Service & Client Lifecycle

Conception of a comprehensive digital self-service portfolio for centralized data maintenance and independent initiation or execution of processes at anytime.

Digital Interaction

“Virtual bank branch” as a central customer interface for various customer needs and requests. Modern and interactive collaboration between consultant and customer.

Digital Onboarding

Fully digitalized onboarding with integrated identification, short lead times, high degree of straight-through-processing for account openings and maximized conversion rate.

CRM & Consulting

Designing a holistic, digital consulting approach combined with intelligent CRM forms a sustainable foundation for financial advisory in the areas of investing, financing and pension.

Digital Invest

Conception of digital investment advisory solutions for tailored user experiences as well as forward-looking offers such as themed investments and interactive simulations.

Digital Credit & Mortage

Automation and digitization of complex verification / processing procedures to effectively deliver a broad range of credit solutions across the customer lifecycle.

Digital Pension

Holistic overview of customers current pension situation and visualized simulations in the event of risk and in old age. Digital offering facilitates the access to pension services.

Our Consulting Focus

We support you in the following core disciplines:

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