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Transformation & Change Management

We tailor your project organizations to your needs, whether following an agile, traditional, or hybrid approach, and design customized solutions (culture, processes, organization, systems & tools) that match your organizational and cultural conditions. You can rely on us during the implementation phase of the target organization as well as for the training and coaching of your employees.


Organizational development & Target Operating Model (TOM)

We collaboratively define your future project and operational organizations, drawing on our best practices and multidisciplinary industry expertise.

Feedback from your employees, identified weaknesses, bottlenecks, strategically and operationally relevant decisions, as well as key influence factors (including scales and developments, business vs. IT, classical vs. agile, dependencies on suppliers) on your organization and process organization are central input factors for your target organization.

Transformation Planning & Management

We plan the necessary adjustments with you to achieve your target organization in a controlled manner and support you in management and monitoring.

The basis for this is a clear and accepted understanding among all affected parties of the new TOM and the changes to be addressed. We leverage our extensive, multidisciplinary experience to ensure that your transformation is a complete success, from communication strategy to the implementation of processes, tools, new role requirements, etc., up to acceptance. The effective performance improvement of the new TOM can be measured and evident.

Focused Change Management

We support you in managing challenging team situations, leveraging our extensive industry and team experience to quickly find solutions to identified problems and challenges together in a professional atmosphere.

In such cases, it can be particularly advantageous to illuminate difficult team situations with the help of an external, unbiased party and collaboratively explore solution paths. Direct feedback from colleagues and a professional approach to handling criticism are necessary in these situations.

Training & Coaching

We provide training and coaching for your change agents and leaders as needed, ensuring that organizational changes are transferred into effective value for your company as quickly as possible.

The requirements for responsible roles are derived from the target organization and processes. Using a GAP analysis, we identify existing gaps together with you and recommend real assistance to resolve them promptly and sustainably.

We accompany you throughout the entire Change Cycle


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