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Project Portfolio Management

We support you in establishing an effective end-to-end framework that enables the selection of projects delivering the greatest value to achieve corporate strategy and objectives, while also forming the basis for effective portfolio optimization.

Furthermore, we ensure that your Project Portfolio Management (PPM) collects and analyzes the necessary information, enabling fact-based and timely decisions for optimal allocation of skills and resources.


Definition of the PPM Framework

Together with you, we define an adequate Project Portfolio Management (PPM) framework and ensure that your company can effectively manage your initiatives and efficiently utilize resources.

To achieve this, we leverage our Pragmatica Portfolio Management Framework and toolboxes. We tailor these specifically to your individual management needs, existing taxonomies, processes, roles and organizational understanding, tools, and data. The nature of the project landscape to be optimized is adequately considered (including classical vs. agile initiatives), making a significant contribution to achieving corporate goals.

Implementation of the PPM Framework

We support you in introducing your Project Portfolio Management (PPM) framework, leveraging our extensive experience. This ensures efficient preparation, implementation, and improvement of PPM frameworks, thus establishing a solid foundation for effective and efficient management of your project portfolio.

We work closely with you to plan an efficient implementation, including the integration of additional or modified role requirements, introduction of processes and tools, establishment of committees, stakeholder and decision-maker support, and internal communication approaches, potentially extending to suppliers or other external parties.

Enablement & Coaching

We collaborate with you to plan the necessary adjustments, ensuring controlled achievement of your target organization, and support you in management and monitoring. The foundation is a clear and accepted understanding among all affected and involved parties regarding the new Target Operating Model (TOM) and the changes to be addressed.

We apply our extensive, multi-disciplinary experience to ensure that your transformation is a complete success, from communication strategy to the implementation of processes, tools, new role requirements, etc., up to acceptance.

Our approch to ensure well-balanced Project Portfolios

Alignment with strategy

by ensuring that all projects contribute to achieving the business strategy.

Maximizing value

by selecting projects that generate the greatest business benefit and thus, allocating skills and resources to right project.

Well-balanced project portfolio

by ensuring an optimal project mix considering budget, risks, schedule, and dependencies.


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