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Project Assessments & Turnaround

Sometimes, an “Outside-In View”, or an external perspective, can be helpful. We quickly identify potentials with you to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of your programs, including alignment with goals, consistent quality assurance, and effective control (time, budget).

It may be necessary to completely restructure a project or program holistically. It is essential to ensure that the necessary management and delivery functions are clearly defined, communicated, and effectively and sustainably executed. The turnaround plan is divided into an ad-hoc and stabilization phase.

Pragmatica has assisted in over 500 projects to identify issues to increase management and delivery maturity and to implement effective measures quickly, efficiently, and sustainably.


Quick Health Check

We quickly identify the essential weaknesses and potentials for your successful project with you. Our assessors are experienced project and program managers themselves and are trained in all common classical and agile methods and approaches.

For a quick health check, we rapidly determine weaknesses and improvement suggestions for the project management disciplines that are crucial for your project success (planning, resource management, skill management, enabling, tracking, risk management, stakeholder management, change management, agile maturity, etc.) through interviews and document review.

Project & Program Maturity Assessment & Turnaround Management

Our comprehensive Project Maturity Assessment is a detailed evaluation of the maturity level of your project/program to ensure effectiveness and efficiency. It analyzes key aspects such as project/program management, team performance, resource management, risk assessment, budget control, and stakeholder communication. It is based on proven project management practices such as PMBoK, PRINCE2, or agile organizational models (SAFe, SCRUM, Less, etc.).

We present and discuss the results with you in precise, reliable reports and presentations. They not only provide insights but also concrete recommendations for improving project/program management maturity.

If desired, we also help you efficiently implement the necessary measures to stabilize and turnaround the project/program successfully.

Training & Coaching

We provide training and coaching for your project and program management team and leaders as needed to ensure that your management team has the necessary skills, methods, and tools for efficient and effective project and program management.

Through targeted training, individual coaching, and continuous feedback mechanisms, the training and coaching contribute to strengthening the self-confidence of team members, expanding their skills, sharpening their understanding of the challenges faced by other team members, and increasing the overall performance of the project management team.

This not only promotes the successful implementation of current projects but also lays the foundation for continuous improvement and professional development in the field of project and program management.


Our Pragmatica experts work closely with you to thoroughly and comprehensively define the mandate. This is crucial for an efficient and targeted analysis.

Starting position & relevant decisions

To enable the most efficient and targeted analysis possible, it is crucial to specify the current deviation of the project from the planning/roadmap and to obtain a clear, shared understanding of relevant decisions already made.

Scope, budget & duration of the assessments

Before we commence the analysis work with you, it is important to establish specific goals, content, available budget, and the maximum duration of the analysis phase, as well as dates/timeframes for presenting recommendations for further actions.

Current Perceptions – Initial Hypotheses

Our specialists will begin by formulating candid initial hypotheses regarding the causes and symptoms of the identified problems and deviations from the plan/roadmap. We are committed to sharing these hypotheses with you openly and at any time during the process.

Contact Person & Interview Planning

To validate our initial hypotheses, targeted interviews are planned with the responsible individuals who can provide the best information on the matter. Taking into account availability, absences, and delegation arrangements, an interview plan is created.

Required documents (Pragmatica Shopping List)

To prepare for the interviews and further substantiate the hypotheses, documents are requested. Our Pragmatica Shopping List, which lists typical artifacts from a variety of conducted assessments, provides a good basis for this.


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