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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is playing an increasingly vital role in the financial sector. Among other benefits, AI assists market participants in enhancing and personalizing customer offerings, streamlining processes, minimizing risks, simplifying regulatory procedures, and detecting fraud. The applications of AI in the financial sector are continuously expanding, providing companies with the opportunity to gain competitive advantages.

Pragmatica can excellently accompany you on your unique AI journey with comprehensive specialized expertise.

Best Practices, Trainings, Coachings

We present tailored and field-tested AI use cases and implementation options, empowering your team through customized coaching and training. This effectively ensures that AI delivers the desired value securely for your company.

Potential Analysis („AI Map“): Applications & Use Cases

We collaborate with you to define short- and medium-term AI goals, applications, and use cases, validating them against relevant insights from the financial industry. This forms the basis for both envisioning and concrete implementation, including necessary technical prerequisites, tools, LLM model selection, etc., along with results monitoring.

Models/LLMs & Information Gathering

Pragmatica assists you in defining and implementing the most robust and meaningful business logics & LLMs for your use cases and scenarios on your "AI map". Our experts consider the acquisition of necessary data & information as a central prerequisite from the outset.

Employees, Processes & Organisation («Get Fit for AI»)

To harness AI, employees increasingly need data-oriented and technological skills. Organizations must become more flexible to adeptly and promptly leverage evolving technological capabilities. We assist you in making your employees and organization "Fit for AI."

Technology, Infrastructure & Architecture

Automated decision processes and advanced analytics are transforming traditional banking technologies. The use of AI necessitates robust data infrastructures, flexible and scalable systems, powerful data centers, and agile software architectures. We assist you in making timely and comprehensible decisions for your future technology, infrastructure, and architecture based on your unique starting point and AI objectives.


The use of AI in the financial sector requires effective compliance monitoring to ensure ethical and legal conduct. Additionally, AI offers opportunities to streamline compliance processes themselves. The Pragmatica Risk & Compliance Team provides precise support with a balanced approach and forward-looking perspective, helping you be well-prepared for future compliance requirements and efficiently manage your compliance processes.


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